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Daily Affirmation 

Today is a great day and I have the opportunity to show up as the best me ever! I am an irresistible magnet with the absolute power to attract into my life everything that I desire. My life is a huge success!

I am committed to constant and never ending personal improvement, and I take massive action steps to create the future as I want it. I will do whatever it takes to become the winner I know I can be.

My beliefs create my reality! I choose robust health, abundant wealth, constant happiness and eternal love. I attract, heal and positively influence the lives of people in my community. I think big thoughts, relish small pleasures and handle all setbacks gracefully.

I give thanks for the opportunity to serve humanity and I willingly accept the rewards being sent to me by an abundant universe. I am deeply grateful for all I create and receive. My life is now in total balance and…

I am a master!

Affirmation of The Masters Circle
Courtesy of www.DiscoverWellnessCenter.com

THIS ---->https://discoverwellnesscenter.chiromatrixbase.com/discover-wellness-book/resources-mentioned-in-dw/affirmation.html

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