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DW_Work_Front_Cover.jpgDiscover Wellness at Work: The Ultimate Solution To America's Health Care Crisis Offers Brokers Hi Value, Low Cost Solution To Helping Employers Save Money On Health Care Costs and Attracting New Business.

Paradise Valley, AZ - Oct 1, 2007 - Top performing brokers have discovered a new and effective way to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive commoditized health insurance market. The most successful brokers are those who realize that success in the brokerage industry is a result of the relationships you have and strategies you offer. These days, strategies are more important than ever, says Rick Perryman, President of Lifestrive Wellness Consultants

The health benefits industry has never been so competitive and yet so important to businesses, large and small. Employers are desperately seeking solutions to heal the cancerous growth of health care costs destroying employers profitability says Tony Bruno, 30 year veteran in the health benefits industry.

Discover Wellness at Work: The Ultimate Solution to America's Health Care Crisis is the second book in the Discover Wellness series. The first, Discover Wellness: How Staying Health Can Make You Rich became a national bestseller its first day released February 2007. It is the first book that offers simple solutions to America's #1 crisis and motivates people to take action by connecting people's wellness with their wallet.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute reports that employers invest in wellness to reduce direct and indirect health care costs, but many employers struggle to find the most effective combination of factors creating the most participation and greatest return on investment. One of the most important reasons employees may not participate in an employer sponsored wellness program is because of the appearance of it being a benefit for the business, not the employee.

Employers are best to create partnerships with independent wellness firms directed by wellness doctors and experts, says Dr. Jason A. Deitch co-author of Discover Wellness and Chief Wellness Officer. Similar to how employers may offer 401(k) plans but do not get involved with how to invest the money, wellness programs should be the same.

Discover Wellness at Work is co-authored by three wellness doctors and a team of researchers who make the compelling case that wellness is the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis because until our attention is focused on addressing the number of sick people requiring expensive medical treatment for preventable lifestyle related conditions, it will be impossible to reverse the health care cost trend. Presently over 70% of health care dollars are spent treating the effects of lifestyle related preventable diseases and over 50% of all personal bankruptcies are related to medical debt. These figures clearly document that America and American's can no longer afford to let ourselves get sick as a result of our lifestyle choices.

That is what makes Discover Wellness at Work so effective, it lays out the 7 conditions causing America's #1 crisis and provides a simple 7-step solution to dramatically improving your health in 90 days or less. Lifestrive Wellness offers a premium solution for employers to personalize copies of the book by offering CEO's the opportunity to write the foreword of the book as a way to personally endorse the importance of wellness in the workplace; the chief executives personal touch makes a powerful impact.

Effective workplace wellness programs require executive support and leadership and Lifestrives revolutionary solution is the low tech, low cost, hi impact solution employers are looking for.

For more information on how you can attract more new clients by offering this compelling solution to your accounts and their employees, please contact: 

Dr. Richard Perryman

President and CEO
Lifestrive Wellness Consultants LLC


Dr. Jason A. Deitch

Chief Wellness Officer
Discover Wellness Inc.


Read the preface of Discover Wellness at Work: How staying healthy can make you rich.
THIS ---->https://discoverwellnesscenter.chiromatrixbase.com/employers/discover-wellness-at-work---the-book-.html

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