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Discover Wellness at Work

As the saying goes, time is money so let's get right to the point. Times have changed. Our understanding of being healthy and having health insurance are not what they used to be. Everyone agrees that the system is broken and whether we like it or not, something's got to give.

Employers find that health care costs eat up to 60% of their profits and sometimes more. In some cases, employers are faced with the choice of bankruptcy or closing down as a result of the cost of providing health insurance benefits to their employees.

Employees are fed up with receiving decreased coverage for increased costs year after year. In fact, we know there are many people who are forced to work for companies just so they can receive health benefits.

The reality is that times have changed and we will never have the health care system of the past. We just can't afford it, and perhaps there is a reason why. Most expenses in health care today go toward treating preventable lifestyle related diseases, not toward accidents, injuries or rare genetic disorders beyond our control. That means that too many people are letting themselves get sick because of the choices they make about their health each and every day.

What we have seen over the years is that as long as it is cheaper for people to allow themselves to get sick than it is to get and stay well, people will continue to take the path of financial least resistance. Well, we just can't afford it any longer. We can't afford it physically, socially or financially, and that's good news. It's time each of us take control of our health and shift our perspective to realize that our health is our greatest asset. The more if it we have the richer we are.

When we talk about health, we are not talking about just feeling good and depending on better health through better drugs, we're talking about better health through better living. Doctors know that it's the simple lifestyle choices such as choosing better nutrition, to exercise more and reduce our stress that will dramatically reduce our risk of preventable disease and medical bankruptcy while leading toward improved physical health and fiscal wellbeing.

We are experiencing a perfect storm of circumstances that impacts each and every one of us, regardless of age, race or social status. As the doctors, economists and researchers tell us, we are all one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

Use this book as your wake up call to realize that wellness is the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis and that staying healthy can make you rich.
Don't believe it? Read on…you will.

Read the fully customizable foreword written by a Sample CEO or

email: drjason@DiscoverWellnessCenter.com to request a sample chapter.

Dr. Richard Perryman

President and CEO
Lifestrive Wellness Consultants LLC


Dr. Jason A. Deitch

Chief Wellness Officer
Discover Wellness Inc.


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