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IMG_83055x7_copy_1.jpgWould you like to build your practice by inspiring and educating hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people in your community from the comfort of your own home or office (even cell phone, if you want to) ?


I'd like to show you how...

If you'd like to learn how you can use the most advanced  tools, techniques and technologies that I've ever seen to help more people Discover Wellness, then I'd like to help you.

Below are some of my favorite tools I've recently discovered and I'd like to share them with you.

But before I do, Let me briefly tell you about my story...

I graduated from Life University at the peak of its' glory. We had the #1 basketball team, the largest enrollment ever, the Olympics were in Atlanta the year I graduated, it was great. I attended almost every single DE meeting throughout my 4 years at Life, I was the president of the Student ICA and  the National Vice Chairman of the National Student ICA. 

I had the incredible fortune of being mentored by our nation's leading doctors including Dr. Patrick Gentempo who invited me as his guest to every Total Solutions program (while I was still a student in school). Between DE and Total Solution, I was able to meet many of the movers and shakers in our profession and I was inspired by all of them. Through their direct influence, I developed a vision for what our profession could be someday.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo & Dr. Dennis Perman
moving and shaking

Oh, I forgot to mention, something really interested happened to me a few years earlier. As I was graduating from college (Northeastern University, Boston with a marketing degree), my father and I were discussing my decision to become a chiropractor vs. becoming a "real" doctor, entrepreneur or executive. We spoke about it ( actually more like debated about it) for years until one day we agreed that we wouldn't settle the debate through words and he agreed to try it.

It took us about 5 different chiropractic offices to find one that represented the type of chiropractic that I was referring to. He started getting adjusted and here's what happened. One day, as he describes it, it was about 9 PM in the evening and his wife (at the time) called him for dinner "Norman come on, dinner is ready it's 9 PM already, let's go."

In that moment, he realized how incredible he felt, in an instant he realized he had not been sick and it was the end of flu season and he had more energy than he had felt in years. He was sleeping great and life was good. He finally confessed that this would be a worthy field for his son.

One day a few years later, as I was soon to graduate chiropractic school, my father calls me up to tell me that the night before he was having dinner with his chiropractor (who he became best friends with) and that he (my father) had decided to go to become a chiropractor and go to chiropractic school. I couldn't believe my ears.

Then he proceeded to tell me that he had called my brother Josh, who was playing professional basketball in Isreal at that time, and my brothers first words were "can I go with you."


I now have seven chiropractors in my family. And by the way, my two best friends from Northeastern University, even an ex-girlfriend and her best friend all became chiropractors. We were all inspired by the idea that you could make a good living, doing good work, making a positive contribution to peoples' lives.


My two best friends from Northeastern U. are practicing chiropractors. 

So, when I graduated chiropractic school and my brother and father were ready to start school, we all moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I opened up a practice (with their help). My father and brother would go to classes together everyday and my fathers (new) wife worked at my front desk as my office manager. What was most fun about it was that we all lived in the same house (of course, that didn't last for long).


After a few years of very hard work, things took off and were going well for me. For almost 9 years I lived what was, to be honest with you, a VERY comfortable life. After several years in practice, I attracted my dream wife, we owned our home, we each had matching black Mercedes Benz, we enjoyed being members at the nicest country club in the area and my office hours were Monday through Thursday 4:00 - 7:00 PM. I'd see new patients and re-exams before or after those hours. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't earning millions, but I was rich.

My Dream Wife 


My Dream Mercedes 

I woke up early every morning and went to meet my morning workout buddies at the club. We'd chat about the the world and how our businesses were doing. Once a week or so, we'd trade our workout for a few sets of tennis.

I'd arrive back home as my wife and kids were waking up and we'd enjoy breakfast together. I'd take my older son to pre-school and spend the morning with my wife and newborn son. We'd go to the park, went swimming at the club and I'd teach my son his A, B, C's for hours.

Any given Tuesday 


Any given Wednesday 

Then I realized that I was way to young to live a retired lifestyle. I felt completely blessed to be able to spend so much time with my family. It was my dream come true, but after a while something else got to me. I spent my afternoons in my practice that most people described as the most beautiful practice they had ever seen. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking all of the San Francisco Bay Area. We had a big open adjusting area, a great kids area, even a backyard with an inspiring view looking right at the Golden Gate Bridge.





Front Desk


Back to Nature Store


Open Adjusting Area



 Open Adjusting (Sunset Hours)                                              Back Yard

My problem was that I didn't feel like I was making a big enough difference. Sure, my walls were covered with testimonials about how people regained their lifestyles as a result of my care (really they were.) But outside of my practice, it was the same old story. People still prejudice about what chiropractic is, what it can do and many were still not interested if it wasn't covered by their insurance. That was just crazy to me.

Once they made it to my office, they learned differently but in spite of the thousands of lives I was able to touch, there were hundreds of millions who would continue watching TV and receiving the same old story of better health through better medicine reinforced over and over again.

I did everything I could. I wrote articles for my local newspaper, did radio shows regularly, I even did an entire year of local cable TV, where I would take live calls from viewers and answer their questions about natural health and healing on the air. In fact, I was scheduled to do a live TV show the day of my first date with Melanie (now my wife). No, I didn't plan to take her there on our first date it's just that it was going so well we didn't want it to end, so she came to the studio to wait while I did my show so we could go out to dinner afterwards (not that it matters to you, but it was a pretty funny way to spend a first date with the woman who is now my dream wife and mother of my three sons.)

Anyway, the point is this. I was living in a beautiful home (it was even featured on Home and Garden TV), we were driving nice cars and I had plenty of time on my hands to do pretty much whatever I wanted to do (perhaps if I loved golf or fishing, I'd still be in practice). But what I love doing is helping people in a big way and that's what was missing in my life.

That's why when I connecting with Dr. Bob Hoffman and Dr. Dennis Perman and The Masters Circle and I shared with them that I was ready for the next challenge in life, they generously invited me to join them as the first ever Chief Wellness Officer. Where it became my job to discover the most advanced tools, techniques and technologies for doctors who want to make a positive difference and create a life and lifestyle of their dreams and that's what I've been doing now for several years.

Dr. Bob Hoffman
The Masters Circle
Co-author of Discover Wellness

Dr. Dennis Perman
The Masters Circle

DW_Front_Cover_Best.jpgdiscover_wellness_presents.jpgAs most of you know, Bob and I wrote the National Bestseller, Discover Wellness: How staying healthy can make you rich and created a companion lecture series for professionals called Discover Wellness Presents. These were the first tools we developed that help doctors position themselves as wellness leaders in their community.

Recently, we introduced our Discover Wellness Coaching Membership and I can tell you that with the release of this program, our profession will never be the same again.

Discover_Wellness_Logo_coach_1.jpgThis coaching program redefines the business model for your practice. It unlocks your potential in an entirely new way. It invites people into your wellness center so that they can lose weight, get fit, eat better, reduce stress, stop smoking and more by working one-on-one with a live professional wellness coach via telephone, email or IM as a FREE complimentary benefit of being an active patient in your wellness center.


If you are looking for the easiest way to transform your existing practice into the profitable wellness center of your dreams, You're going to LOVE this program.

Anyway, let's get to the point here. It's my purpose to find you the most advanced ways you can earn more money, save more time and have more fun while serving more people and making a greater contribution than you are right now. That's what I do.

I should also tell you that I love the Internet. I just love it. The Internet finally levels the playing field making it possible for everyone to get their message out equally. For years, the only way that people could make a massive impact with their message was to have an unlimited bank account so you could buy expensive network TV, radio, newspaper and magazine advertisements (sort of like the pharmaceutical industry does).


Now EVERYONE can get their message out equally (ok, almost equally), but the truth is it's never been easier.

I scour the web daily for what's new in the world, seeking the latest health care controversies and the latest technologies that will help us reach more people and make a greater contribution.

When I discovered the power pack of programs I'm going to describe to you below, I couldn't believe it could be so easy. Finally I had found the tools that the pro's use. These are the exact same tools that people (just like you and me) are using right now to share their message with the world and to build their businesses. I know people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year ONLINE (that means on the Internet.) In fact, a good friend of mine makes mid 7 figures, that's multi-millions, by using these tools to communicate with people 24/7/365.


People are able to hear his message and he is able to build his business (make money) while he's on vacation, while he's spending time with his family, while he's sleeping, while he's (oh, you know what I mean.) 


At first I resisted wanting to share these tools with you because when I told some of my closest friends about what they can do with these tools, they said sure Jason, that's great for you but chiropractors don't like things that are complicated to use. They don't like technology citing the fact that many still use dial up connections or make you call back when you want to send them a fax because they need to change the phone cord. Also, they don't like to do health talks or do public speaking. They said that most are just looking for the easy way out. All they want is to be able to adjust people, get paid and go home.

Ok, for those of you who can relate to that, these tools are not for you. Really, let's just be honest with each other. That's not what this is...


I don't know of any effortless way that will automatically fill up your office with people and get you paid, so all you have to do is adjust and go home. Unless of course, your wife (or husband) runs your office, you live near a large employer that provides very generous insurance reimbursement, your kids go to the same school as their kids do, you coach their sports teams on Saturday and you all go to the same church on Sunday.


For the rest of us, it takes creativity, innovation, passion, compassion and the desire to serve. 

Those of you who are not afraid to invest a little time now learning about something that will save you a lot of time and can make you a lot of money later. Keep on reading...

If you want to position yourself as a wellness leader in your community,
If you want to help more people choose better health through better living,
If you want to serve more people beyond your four walls, one roof and multiple adjusting tables...

If you are willing to invest some time working ON your practice not just in your practice,
If you are willing to invest some money on something that will not provide a return as quickly as spending a Saturday away from your wife and kids screening for new patients that will come in on Monday, but will create a system that will bring practically effortless returns for years to come,
If you are not afraid to use your computer, check your email regularly and are willing to train with someone who wants to see you succeed, perhaps more than you do.


THEN KEEP ON READING... I want to help you!

There are two very important concepts to understand when it comes to communicating your message.

1. Content

2. Context

1. Content is what your message is. It's what you are saying. For example, I recommend that your message in your community be about helping people Discover Wellness. America's health care crisis is the #1 crisis facing America today. Yes, it's a bigger issue than the economy and Iraq. How do I know? Ask someone who is dying of cancer, recovering from heart disease, living with metabolic syndrome as a result of obesity going in and out of the hospital, constantly going to doctors offices, fighting with their insurance companies and living on medications what is more important and you'll soon realize this issue is facing millions of people today and you can help them. More importantly, you can help hundreds of millions of people reduce their risk of ending up in that dreadful situation altogether (Now that's impact).

2. Context is where people can access your message. For example right now you are reading this message online. I'm able to communicate with you right now and it may be the middle of the night or on a weekend and I don't have to be there. I can be with my family, working on my next project to share with you, out exercising right now. It's really pretty convenient that way, wouldn't you say? Also, I probably wouldn't have this much time (and perhaps credibility) if I were standing in front of Wal-Mart or in the mall waiting around so that I can interrupt  you from getting your errands done and being with your loved ones (Not that there's anything wrong with that. We've all met people whose lives were saved by doing spinal screenings).

Anyway, Phase 1 of the Discover Wellness vision was creating the content of "what" our message is and offering you the tools to be able to use that message as your own. Most of us agree that more people should be choosing better health through better living, that healthy alignment is a part of a wellness lifestyle and that the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis is to have more people, less sick.

Phase 2 is providing you the context, a variety of methods for you to choose "where" you are going to share that message with others.

That's is why I am SOOO excited to share with you the tools I'm about to describe to you.

All three of these tools work together so I recommend you sign up for all three of them.

They each offer you a free 21 day, no obligation trial period and you can cancel at anytime if you do not find that they are the absolute coolest way to reach the most amount of people with the least amount of effort.

I'm not saying "no effort", I'm saying the least amount of effort, considering the alternatives of taking nights and weekends to do spinal screenings (that brings in people who are in pain looking for immediate relief) or spending your hard earned money on expensive advertising with unreliable results.

That's me away from my family
doing a spinal screening. Ugh...

Once you invest the time to set up your online marketing program, you're set. It's like building a car,  once it's built, it can take you to great places. You maintain it once in a while and you have a brand new freedom.

Check this out, you're going to love this stuff...

Would you like to learn how you can speak to hundreds (even thousands) of people in your community from the convenience and comfort of your own home or office (you could even use your cell phone from the golf course, or while you are on vacation if you want.)

This is the same type of system that professionals like Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield and others use to communicate their message to millions. Perhaps you don't want to speak to millions, but I'll bet you wouldn't mind having a couple of dozen business owners, professionals, local housewives and other health care providers listening to you share your heart and passion for helping people with your natural healing methods (and free wellness coaching.) 

Once you set up your teleseminar system. You'll need to get people to register for it so that they can get the day and time of the seminar along with the phone number to call in to and so you can collect their email addresses and easily keep in touch with those who want to hear from you in the future.

No, this does not replace your existing website (you should be using a website from www.ChiroMatrix.com, tell them I sent you) The system I'm referring to is specifically designed to help you promote your teleseminars and register people so you can collect email addresses.

Next, you'll want to add your voice to your invitations, send audio email postcards and add your voice to your website.


Not only that, but this is really one of the coolest things I've ever seen (I never thought of myself as a geek, but this may put me over the edge.) Imagine being able to offer people the ability to call a toll-free phone number, hear your voice that prompts them to give you a testimonial on the telephone, then they can upload their photo and you can easily add it to your collection of testimonials on your website. I promise you if you like easy, cool technology this will blow you away. 


You want a ridiculously cool idea? Input the toll-free phone number into your cell phone so you have it with you at all times. Whenever someone tells you how much they appreciate you and your care, pull out your cell phone and ask them if they would be willing to share their story with others. It's never been easier than that.

So here's the deal. I'm using all of the tools I'm referencing above to share our Discover Wellness message with the world. So you will see (and learn) how to use these tools by watching what we do.


But I'll be personally working with some of you (the early adopters) to develop the specifics for how you can use these tools to easily generate a consistent stream of new wellness-oriented patients into your office (from anywhere in the world.)

No, this is not a complete finished turnkey plug and play system (yet). It's a work in progress and for those of you who "get it." I want to work with you.


If you are

Offering Discover Wellness books to your patients

Doing Discover WellnessPresentations in your office and your community

Providing Discover Wellness Coaching to your active patients

Want to take it to the next level? 

Then sign up for these programs so that you can be offering your Discover Wellness Presentations as a teleseminar. Just like you like to listen to your favorite speakers from the comfort and convenience of your home (or cell phone), why not give your community the same chance to listen to you?

"Can't make it to my Wellness Wednesday Discover Wellness Presentation in my office this week Mrs. Jones, no problem. I'll be happy to register you for my Discover Wellness Presentation Teleseminar next week. You can call in on your cell phone from wherever you want to. (In fact, I'll be doing it from the convenience of my home too.)"


I'm not suggesting that this replaces your in office events, nor am I suggesting that this replace going to local employers and working with them to become their chief wellness officer. It's another tool in your tool chest. It's another option to connect with even more people. Imagine being able to offer a local employer your FREE Wellness Wednesday Discover Wellness Teleseminar information so that ALL of their employees can listen to your wellness presentation on the phone or via webcast (that just means that they can listen to you on the Internet.) If they miss the call, they can go to your website and listen to the automatic replay, anytime they want to.

It's the best of both worlds. You know how you schedule to watch American Idol because you want to see it live, but when you are not able to watch because you work late in the office doing on Wednesday night you can go home and watch it on Tivo. This is the same thing.


Ok, you can see I'm very excited about this. I'm dreaming about what kind of impact we could all have if hundreds (ok, thousands) of us were working together in unity putting out a consistent message about what we do and how we help people. Maybe just maybe, America would wake up to how valuable our services are as part of a healthy lifestyle. (If we don't do it, who will?).


So for those of you who see the vision. I'm asking you to give it a try. All of it.


Those of you who do will be invited to join my personal Discover Wellness Inner Circle.


We'll work together to connect the content with the context that will work best for you and your practice.

Best of all, we'll work together and you'll be the first in your community to use these innovative tools and strategies. Nobody else in your community is doing this yet. That by itself should get you some media attention in your community. We already have the press release waiting for you in our complimentary resource section.


Not only that, but you'll save a fortune because once we've got this entire system complete, you can be sure we'll charge plenty for it (and it will be worth every cent).

If you'd like to join me on this mission, if you'd like to work directly with me so we can transform your existing practice into the profitable wellness center of your dreams.


1. Please review all of the details throughout the provider section of this website.
Get the big idea of what we are doing.

2. Subscribe to receive cases of Discover Wellness books so you can give a copy to all new patients.

3. Start giving your Discover Wellness Presentations in your office and then at local organizations and employers.

4. Offer Discover Wellness Coaching Memberships to your active patients in your office.

5. Sign up for the three systems I describe above:

A. The Teleseminar system

B. The Teleseminar Registration system 

C. The Voice Broadcast system

How much will this all cost?

Good question...

It all depends on the size of your practice and how quickly your willing to implement the various options but here are some of the numbers to consider...

$275 per month for 18 books per month (including shipping and handling)
$150 per month for wellness coaching for your patients (depends on the size of your practice)
$80   per month for the 3 online marketing systems (it's well worth it)
$75   per month for the Discover Wellness/Chiromatrix website (as important as your telephone)
$97   per month for MyPracticeIncome.com system (will pay for itself many times over)

$677 per month (much less than the income from one new patient per month)

You know by now, that it's not a matter of how much something costs, it's a matter of what value it has on your life.

If these tools can help you attract more new wellness-oriented patients who are willing to pay, stay and refer.
If these tools can help you share your passion and communicate your message so that more discover wellness.
If these tools can help you double or triple your income, while taking more time off to be with those you love (including your self), then they are more than worth the investment.

So start asking questions to those doctors who are using these tools.

dr_kerry_keiser.jpgHere's what one doctor has to say about the Discover Wellness practice building systems.

"My new patients have more than doubled, my referrals have tripled and my PVA has risen at least 50%. My patients say they can't believe the quality of the coaching and are shocked when they discover that it is a complimentary benefit of being my patient. This program paid for itself in the first month! This Discover Wellness Coaching program is a must have."

Dr. Kerry Keiser
Coronado, Calif.


Read and re-read the various pages throughout this website.

Join me for my FREE Discover Wellness Wednesday Tele-trainings
(Click here to register)

You can do some of it or all of it. It's up to you...

Let's work together to make some massive impact together.

Yes, you should know that these are affiliate codes which means that that pay 30% of the revenue to affiliates. If you find like I do that these are the coolest tools in town. Then you should sign up and create your own affiliate links and start sharing with everyone you know.

I shared my story with you earlier so that hopefully by now you know that I am trying to help you, not trying to "sell" you something you don't need so I can make 30% of a ridiculously low monthly fee. If you think I'm doing this because of the money then my father was right and I'm the one who made the mistake. It should be obvious that I do what I do because of my love to serve and my desire to serve big. I could make a lot more money a lot faster doing something other than trying to convince chiropractors how powerful they can be by uniting together with a unified voice. Go look at the services already, stop reading this now. Go click on one of the links above, really go ahead a click one.

Oh yeah, my father practices in Oceanside, CA, my brother has a very successful wellness center in Mill Valley, CA, my stepbrother and his wife (both chiropractors) practice outside of Atlanta in Georgia, one of my uncles practices in Oakland, CA another uncle in New York, one best friend practices in New York City another in Boston and the ex-girlfriend who became a chiropractor is a happily married mother of two (I think).

I figure if I can still help lots of people in a big way
and still have what's most important to me,

you can too...
THIS ---->https://discoverwellnesscenter.chiromatrixbase.com/providers/the-wellness-doctors-dream--read-this...-.html

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