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Transform Your Practice into a Profitable Wellness Center

The Discover Wellness Coaching
Membership program is designed to
position you as a wellness doctor and
the director of an affordable and effective
lifestyle wellness center. 

Instead of trying to be all things to all
people or limiting your capacity by
limiting your identity, doctors are now
using the Discover Wellness Coaching
Membership as a simple way to attract
and retain more patients seeking to
experience better health through better

Now you can confidently succeed in today's consumer driven health
care economy by having a team of wellness coaches available to help
patients in your practice as an additional benefit of choosing you to be
their wellness doctor.

DW_Memb_Vertical_box_cover.jpgThe Discover Wellness Coaching
Membership is a revolutionary way for
you to offer active patients in your
practice unlimited access via
telephone and or email to trained
wellness coaches.

Wellness coaches are trained to help your patients:

Lose Weight  Get Fit  Reduce Stress  Stop Smoking  Eat Well and more..

Wellness coaching is provided by
WellCall Inc., the country's premier
wellness solutions provider since 1997.
Presently, over 1.5 million people have
access to WellCall's unique and effective
wellness programs and services offered
by their employers or insurance plans.
Discover Wellness is a pioneer in bringing
this proven wellness solution into the
doctors office.

Discover Wellness Coaching Membership

How it works
It's simple. Choose between:

• Offering Discover Wellness
Coaching Memberships to your
patients as a complimentary benefit
of being a patient in your office.

The Coaching
Membership Includes:

Unlimited access for all of your active
patients and their immediate family
members to work one-on-one with
expert wellness coaches via telephone
and/or email.

Comprehensive documentation and
reporting so you can track your patient's
progress and ensure their satisfaction.
Marketing tools and training to profitably
transform your practice into a lifestyle
wellness center.

Many of America's top employers
offer WellCall's services to their
employees. Now, for the first time ever,
you can offer these same services to
your patients. What's most exciting is
that wellness coaching services are
designed to be offered as a
complimentary benefit of being an
active patient in your practice.

Here's what some clients have to say about WellCall coaching:

"This is a great service. When I ask questions, I get answers. No one makes you feel bad if you can't keep the original goals you set. It makes me want to keep my new goals because someone cares enough to ask about them!"

Henry in Palo Alto, California 

"I just want to say a big 'THANK YOU!' I've lost a total of 14 inches all the way around and am still losing with the  help of my health coach. The website is terrific, the tips, all of it, just wonderful - and I don't get into a slump! I'm ready to start my 13th week and I've already reached 50% of my goals. My blood pressure went down and my doctor is amazed. I'm planning on keeping my healthy eating habits and exercise plan for life. Again, I just want to say Thanks!!"

Celeste in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Benefits of Membership

• Attract more new wellness-oriented patients by being
able to help them: lose weight, get fit, reduce stress, stop
smoking eat better and more.

• Retain your patients for a lifetime by offering complimentary
lifestyle care as an added value to being an active patient in
your practice.

• Distinguish yourself in your community by providing affordable
and convenient wellness care.

• Become a wellness provider for small businesses in
your area.

Cost of the program

Here's the best part. Calculate the number of patients that come into your office during an average 30 day period and multiply by $1. Doctors pay only $1 per patient per month (minimum $200 per month) plush a $200 sign up fee for your registration and initial materials kit.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I charge extra for the wellness coaching?
No, it must be provided to all of your active patients at no
additional charge.

How do I make money offering this service?
A practice that serves 200 people per month will pay approx. $2,400
per year, that's less than the average income from one new
patient. Ask yourself, do you believe you will attract at least
one new patient in the next year by offering unlimited
wellness coaching to all of your active patients? If you're not
sure, this program is not for you.
We expect most doctors to attract a steady stream of new
wellness-oriented patients excited about this innovative and
effective wellness solution.

Want to position your practice as a wellness center?

Don't want to hassle with hiring, training, managing, scheduling, collecting, firing, rehiring, training...?

Then outsource your wellness program by offering the easy turnkey wellness coaching program offered as part of the Discover Wellness Coaching Membership program.

How will I integrate this into my practice?

Click here to view the list of FREE complimentary resources we're providing for the first group of doctors who join. We'll be charging extra for these forms and resources in the near future, but for a limited time we want to share them with you for your feedback and suggestions.

Also, because we know that this is a new program. We want to reward the behavior we want, which is for you to be decisive and take action.

In addition, your feedback will help us make continuous improvements are refinements.

Still not sure?

Here are a few more testimonials about WellCall coaching:

"I know I have a long way to go to reach my goals but they don't seem so impossible anymore. Kerry has been wonderful to me. She's always ready to listen and motivate me when I feel hopeless. I've gone down 2 dress sizes!! I really can't thank you enough."
- Debbie in New York City, New York 

 "I love the WellWeight online program. I enjoy the weekly assignments, it's very personalized. The program is one step at a time and doesn't provide too much information at once."
- Sally in Houston, TX

"Superior health coach support, customer service, follow up, encouragement, and basic human kindness and understanding. If you coach Pam asks for an office with a view, please give it to her."
- Katherine in Miami, Florida

"Communicating via email has been a very successful  tool for me over the last months. Given my schedule, this was the best way to keep in touch and keep me focused on my program and paying attention to where I needed minor improvements. Thanks for sending the meal planning information. It's really been great to have all that planned so I don't have to think about it. Great recipes! For once, my kids are enjoying our home cooked meals."
- Denise in Philadelphia

Why not have your patients thanking you for ALL that you've done to help them improve their lives?

For best results: Use the Discover Wellness book and Discover Wellness Presentation program as tools to inform and inspire your world toward wellness.

Please note that in order to ensure high quality service we must limit the number of new doctors offices we are able accept each month. Once we have reached our maximum per month, you will be placed on a cue to be able to get started beginning the following month. Once you have signed up your office and paid your Registration fee you are placed in the cue. 

If you want to become a wellness leader and you want to transform your office into a wellness center?

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Let our professionally trained wellness coaches serve your patients for you...

If you're ready to transform your practice into the profitable wellness center of your dreams then click here to get started.

Questions? email  AskDrJason@DiscoverWellnessCenter.com

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