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3rd Annual DiscoverWellness Month - September 2009


DiscoverWellness Day - September 18, 2009

Let's begin by discussing the goals of the event. DiscoverWellness Month / Day is designed to be a platform for wellness professionals to reach out into your community to share with and inspire people to understand the value of having a community wellness doctor to help focus and create a greater awareness of what people can choose to do to reduce their risk of medical bankruptcy and preventable disease.

Our intention is to generate national media attention with the headline: Wellness doctors across America unite together to help all American's heal from our devastating health care crisis.

Click here to listen to Dr. Jason Deitch
describe the specific steps to creating a successful
Discover Wellness Event in your community 

We invite you to join us in helping America DiscoverWellness...

The DiscoverWellness message is simple:

  • The ultimate solution to America's health care crisis is to have more people less sick.
  • The only way for more people to be less sick is to have more people choose better health through better living.
  • The most effective way for people to take action and get results is to work with a wellness professional to help coordinate a healthy lifestyle and provide the motivation to stay with it for life.

Click here to download a personal letter from Dr. Bob Hoffman inviting you (and your collegues) to join us in celebrating Discover Wellness Month.

Now is our opportunity to let communities know that they should seek out wellness professionals best qualified to help them choose better health through better living.

Want to celebrate DiscoverWellness Month


DiscoverWellness Day in your community?

Here's what you do…

1. Create a calendar of events celebrating DiscoverWellness Month.

Download a list of recommended events that you can choose to celebrate all month long. Choose one per week, one per day or just choose to celebrate with thousands of wellness professionals on DiscoverWellness Day - September 18, 2009. The choice is yours.

These events are designed for you to create fun and activity in your wellness center and give your community reasons to celebrate and discoverwellness.

Download a list of recommended Discover Wellness events

2. Create a special event celebrating DiscoverWellness Day, September 18, 2009.

Consider including a DiscoverWellness Award ceremony and offering DiscoverWellness "Health Inspiration" Awards to:

  • Your favorite patients
  • Local politicians who support health and wellness in your community
  • Local celebrities and media correspondents who promote health and wellness in your community
  • Award everyone you believe should be recongnized for their role in promoting better health through better living.

Make sure to include your award recipients in your press release provided below.

When you register, please include your list of recipients so that we can include them on our national announcements and website.

This event is designed to create local publicity for you and your wellness center. Invite high profile local figures who you believe will attract media attention and will encourage your local media to attend your event.

Download a sample letter of commendation

Download a sample award you can personalize and present

3. Personalize the DiscoverWellness Day Announcement Flyer.

Download the sample Announcement Flyer and personalize it to include your calendar of scheduled events for the month, award recipients and contact information.

  • Distribute the flyers to all of your patients.
  • Post it on your website.
  • Email it to everyone you know.
  • Mail it to all of your inactive patients.
  • Feature it in your upcoming newsletter.
  • Mail it to local businesses, your local Chamber of Commerce, your friends and colleagues.
  • Contact local media, neighborhood organizations and churches/temples to include your celebration in their event calendar. 
  • Consider a series of advertisements in your local papers announcing your special celebration.

Download a sample Discover Wellness Day Announcement Flyer

4. America's Health Care Crisis Fact sheet & 101 Ways to DiscoverWellness.

Use the Fact Sheet to document the problem.

Use the 101 Ways to DiscoverWellness to present the solutions. 

Download America's Health Care Crisis Fact Sheet

Download 101 Ways to Discover Wellness document

5. Send out a letter to request a DiscoverWellness Month/Day proclamation from local government officials.

Request your local government proclaim DiscoverWellness Month/Day an official celebration in your town, city and/or state. We envision hundreds of local municipalities celebrating with us. Request a procalamation by downloading and sending the sample letter to your local politicians offices.

Download a sample letter of request

Download a sample proclamation

6. Create a press kit including a press release promoting your event to your local media.

Include the Health Care Crisis Fact Sheet, 101 Ways to DiscoverWellness document, yours and your patients personal quotes about the DiscoverWellness book, any testimonials from you, your patients or local influencers who support the DiscoverWellness vision.

If you will be doing a presention or will be presenting a DiscoverWellness "Health Inspiration" Award, include that information in your press kit.

Download a sample press kit cover page

Download a sample press release

7. Contact your local media and submit your press kit & press release.

Once you have submitted your information, you should have a staff member follow up to ensure they have received it. Also, remember to contact each media outlet on DiscoverWellness Day to ask them if they will be attending your event. Remind them of your name, location and contact information.

When someone from the press arrives at your event, make sure you and/or your staff greet them and let them know you are available to speak with them if they request more information.

Click here to find your local media.

Download a sample follow up script.

8. Email us to let us know that you are participating so we can include you in our directory of DiscoverWellness Month Events.

We want to tell America how many wellness doctors across the country are participating. Your event counts. Also, we will post your wellness center's name, address, phone number and website so that people looking to celebrate in your community can find you.

Register right now by emailing Joy@TheMastersCircle.com and include "DiscoverWellness Month" in the subject line along with your wellness center name, your name, address, phone number and website url in the copy.

Remember to include your list of DiscoverWellness "Health Inspiration" Award recipients.

Additional DiscoverWellness support tools to help you promote wellness in your community.

DiscoverWellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

Give out copies of the national bestseller to all of your patients, event attendees, local businesses and influencers in your community. 

Click here for Professional Pricing

Discover Wellness Presents

Continue the wellness education in your office and community all year long with a powerful series of ten DiscoverWellness lectures and PowerPoint presentations. This complete marketing tool kit includes a training manual, lecture scripts, audio of each lecture, advertisements, flyers, invitations, sign-up sheets, tips and strategies to successfully connect with your local media, along with scripts and letters to get you scheduled at local companies and organizations.

DiscoverWellness Presents is the most effective way to build your wellness center.

Click here to learn more about DiscoverWellness Presents


DiscoverWellness Essentials Kiosk Program

Attract more new patients, increase your service to your existing clients AND increase your profitability by offering DiscoverWellness Essential products of your choice in your attractive branded retail kiosk. This is "retail made simple."

Click here to learn more about opening your own DiscoverWellness Store


DiscoverWellness Practice Website

This generation of wellness centers must have an attractive, easy to read, content rich online experience. There is no better way to continually attract and retain educated wellness clients by making sure they stay well informed and there is no easier way than to ensure that you stay connected to them online with your very own practice website featuring DiscoverWellness content.

Click here to learn more about having your own DiscoverWellness Website

Want more details about how to create events in your practice or want to do more events all year long?

Click here to learn more about the Event Driven Practice Program

With these tools, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class wellness education campaign while helping your community DiscoverWellness all year long.

For more information about sponsoring a DiscoverWellness Event and to register, contact Joy@themasterscircle.com .

You will receive information about our upcoming DiscoverWellness Month Tele-classes to ensure your success.

Thank you for participating in this most important mission.


Bob Hoffman D.C., Jason A. Deitch D.C. & the entire Masters Circle Team


Intellectual Property Notice

This material and these concepts are the intellectual property of DiscoverWellness Inc. You may not repackage or resell this program without the express written authorization and royalty payment. You may use this material and share this material with others without authorization so long as you do so without collecting a fee. Media may link to and share this material at no charge, sponsors may share this material with their members and clients at no charge. You may email and/or copy the link of this page and you may share the dowload able documents so long as you do not change them and so long as they are presented as DiscoverWellness materials with all rights reserved.

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