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Discover Wellness Presents

The Complete Wellness Presentation Kit

Bring the Wellness Message to Your Community

The Wellness Revolution is upon us and health care consumers are lined up to learn what they need to know to live longer and make their lifestyles better. There has never been a greater opportunity to impact the people in your sphere of influence, and this Discover Wellness Presentation Guide is designed to give you everything you need to bring wellness to your community - short and long form lectures with scripts and PowerPoints, tuned to the needs and wants of the wellness marketplace.

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Inside, you will find:

Discover Wellness Presents: Tutorial - A complete explanation of the Discover Wellness System, including specific details of implementation, instructions on how to set up your Discover Wellness lecture series and pointers on effective presentation skills to a wellness audience.

Discover Wellness Presents: Guide - A complete step-by-step manual explaining the system that gets your name and your services before the people of your community, including: scripts for ten long and ten short talks, and specific instructions on how to set up talks, prepare for them and deliver them powerfully and productively.

Discover Wellness Presents: Audio's-  digitally recorded samples of suggestions on how to give a Discover Wellness lecture. Use as a study guide to perfect your own presentations.

Discover Wellness Presents: PowerPoint files - 10 easy-to-use slide presentations designed for simple implementation with Microsoft PowerPoint. * You must have your PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer to use these presentations.

Discover Wellness Presents: Resources - Advertisements, flyers, invitations and sign-up sheets to promote presentations in your office and in your community.

** Please note this product is all digital. You will receive an email with a link to download the entire product.

Lecture Topics:

1.The Ultimate Solution to America's Health Care Crisis    (Abridged Slide Demonstration)

2.The Obesity Epidemic - Why Sitting Fat Doesn't Work

3.Healthy Lifestyle Habits - What You Do (or Don't Do) That Can Change Your Life

4.The 7 Lifestyle Conditions Creating America's #1 Crisis

5.Healthy Thinking - Don't Let Stress Make Your Life A Mess

6.Why Pain Hurts and What To Do About It (Chronic Pain)

7.The Best Kept Secret In Today's Health Care (Alignment)

8.Medicines or Drugs - Are They Saving You or Killing You?

9.Wellness Essentials - What The Experts Think and Do

10. How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

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So, what exactly is Discover Wellness Presents?

As you know by now, Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich has become a national bestseller on both Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. It has been a tremendous success and has received an overwhelming response by wellness professionals, employers, health insurance brokers, the media and most importantly, the public.

Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich is a phenomenon whose time has come. It is the perfect platform for wellness professionals to unite together, to step up and assume a leadership role in providing American's the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis.

If you are seeking an effective way to let people know how you can help them experience better health through better living… If you would like to teach your community how you can help them take action and get results… If you would like to fill your wellness center with clients who are convinced that you can provide them effective solutions as their wellness doctor - then you are in the right place.

Helping wellness professionals provide informative and inspiring world-class presentations on a variety of relevant wellness topics, is what Discover Wellness Presents is all about. You don't have to be an expert speaker to become your community's wellness expert. You just need to have the right intent, the right tools and a little practice.

Discover Wellness Presents is a great program designed to help you give first class presentations to the people in your community about who you are and what you offer. It provides you the perfect platform to reach out to people, organizations and the media in a fresh new way that is relevant to America's present conversation. This is a tool for those doctors who are ready to see chiropractic play a leading role in the wellness revolution, it is for those of you who are passionate about making a positive difference and willing to take action.

Whether you want to impress your clients with an attractive educational campaign combining the book and presentation series in your office or are seeking a strategy to create connections with local organizations, employers, wellness professionals and media. This program will help you reach more people, faster and easier than ever before.

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Are you willing to tell the secret?

Have you ever heard the saying that "who you are" speaks so loud that most people can't hear what you are saying? Historically, chiropractors have mistakenly spent most of their time trying to convince people of the value of chiropractic care by trying to get them to understand and embrace "chiropractic." Most of us, over the years, have tried to convince people that they should embrace the value of lifetime chiropractic care by appreciating the logic of how a misalignment of the spine puts pressure on our nerve system and compromises our health. We have acted like missionaries for "chiropractic." We have been focused on trying to convince people to understand and embrace "our" logic. We say things like: "chiropractic" can help you feel better or "chiropractic" works.

We are all familiar with the cliché that if you do what you've always done, you will get what you have always gotten. Well, in spite of how passionate we are about spreading the "chiropractic" message, in spite of so many of us doing health care classes weekly and teaching people about the "chiropractic" lifestyle, our profession has had underwhelming success in convincing the public to embrace our message.Meanwhile, "wellness" is the most popular buzzword in health care.

We all know how effective we are at helping people improve their quality of life, yet we continue to experience people's closed mindedness. The unfortunate reality is in spite of the fact that most people know next to nothing about chiropractic, most people do have an opinion about it.

Every chiropractor I've ever met knows in their core that the world would be a much better place if we could somehow communicate the value of what we have to offer directly to the public. Every chiropractor I know has dreams of a day when people become open to our message. Don't you wish that people would keep an open mind and give you a chance to earn their trust by giving "you" (not chiropractic) a try?

As a result of so many years of listening to nonsense excuses people come up with about why they aren't willing to give "chiropractic" a try, we have become desensitized and learned to accept it. Many feel that's just the way it is- there's nothing we can do about it. I've listened for years as our profession's leaders continually tell us that we just can't compete with the medical profession and pharmaceutical industries overwhelming financial power and influence over the minds of the public.

Have we become too complacent? Perhaps we should learn from their success and model what works? I've heard for years, chiropractors believe that we can't stand up for chiropractic until we have more science that proves chiropractic works. Other experts teach that if "we" just knew more about the science of wellness or if "we" would learn a new technique that "really works," then we will attract more new patients because "we" will have more certainty and get better results. If all it took to convince people were certainty and great results, then the chiropractic profession would not face these issues. Many D.C.s have tremendous certainty and we already get miraculous results.

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 The reality is, the pharmaceutical industry invests tens of billions of dollars every year into "marketing" their message, in spite of the fact that they rarely have any real science to support it. Isn't it about time we stop complaining about how "stupid" people are because they "buy" into the medical model? Ask yourself "why have so many people bought into it?" There are many possible answers of course, but I would say that it is a combination of two important factors.

In previous generations, medical doctors were passionate about helping people. They would put in long hours all day to serve people and then they would make house calls in the middle of the night. They did their very best to show they care. They were passionate about "saving lives." In years past, they were not missionaries of medicine. They were missionaries helping people.

I would say that one of the most significant shifts in the medical profession - philosophically and economically - has been the impact of "direct to consumer" advertising of pharmaceutical drugs. The dramatic increases in the cost of health care have occurred since the legalization of "direct to consumer" pharmaceutical advertising. We see ads for drugs everywhere - billboards, television, magazines… even on the back of theater and sports tickets for goodness sakes! All of them are focused on telling consumers to "ask your doctor" for the latest drug because of their extraordinary "benefits."

I can tell you that medicines success has absolutely nothing to do with science or the doctors certainty, except to say that in most cases, the doctor can be certain that if they don't "do something" for the patient, like prescribe the medication the patient asked for, the patient will go to a doctor who will.

While I'm a tremendous advocate for constant growth, never ending personal improvement and continually searching for truth, I believe "we" will never shift the public's perception of our profession until "consumers" learn more about the benefits of wellness and "consumers" learn new techniques that really work. Most chiropractors are pretty certain that they can help people live healthier lives, we just don't know how to explain it to people in a way that gets them to really understand what we have to offer. Shouldn't we be putting out a message that gets millions of people to "ask your wellness doctor" how you can experience better health through better living?

What if we all spoke up in harmony with a common message of hope? What if we worked together to tell America about "The Inconvenient Truths" in health care? What if we told people - through the media - that our message is about putting both the "health" and the "care" back into health care? What would that do to your income … to your sense of purpose … to your feeling of making a difference in the world?

Let's get passionate - passionate to help people and passionate to save lives. We have to stop being missionaries of "chiropractic" and start being missionaries of "humanity." Let's bring our message "direct to consumers." That's why we wrote Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich and why you now have the most powerful tool to help you not only build a world-class wellness center of your dreams, but to also help you, step up, speak out and save lives like never before.

Click Here to Purchase Discover Wellness Presents for only $995

The Discover Wellness Presents guide will show you how to:

- Improve your presentation skills.

- Set up presentations in your wellness center.

- Set up presentations at:

Community organizations
Health food stores
Spas and fitness facilities
Wellness professionals' offices
Business networking groups
Medical/Health schools
and much more...

So what should we expect to "have" as a result of going through the effort of becoming a public speaker, which has been said to be feared more than death itself?

This is an important part of the equation. While some people may be satisfied from stepping up and speaking out for what they believe in, others may seek different forms of return on their investment of time, energy and risk.

In this case, you will also find that the moral and practical are one in the same. It is common knowledge that public speaking is the absolute most cost effective way of acquiring new clients. All you need is train your staff and have them invest a few hours each week on a consistent and routine basis. This way, your staff can be focused on scheduling new presentations and you can be focused on giving presentations several times per month - in your wellness center, at local organizations and employers and local spa's and fitness centers. This can actually increase your income by thousands of dollars per year. Learn how in the Discover Wellness Presents Guide book.

Click Here to Purchase Discover Wellness Presents for only $995

Discover Wellness Presents lecture descriptions

1 Discover Wellness Presents:

The Ultimate Solution to America's Health Care Crisis is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It focuses on informing people about the dangers of our present health care crisis and inspiring people to take action by offering simple effective solutions to reduce your risks from the most common conditions cause America's number one crisis.

2 Discover Wellness Presents:

The Obesity Epidemic, Why Sitting Fat Doesn't Work? is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It's focused on informing people about the facts regarding America's obesity epidemic, along with powerful tools to motivate and inspire people to want to shift their shape for life.

3 Discover Wellness Presents:

Healthy Lifestyle Habits is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It teaches the core principles for making transformative change and fundamental strategies that can save your life. It is interactive and offers demonstrations on stretches, exercises and relaxation techniques that can be done anytime of day at home, in your office or while traveling.

4 Discover Wellness Presents:

The 7 Lifestyle Conditions Creating America's #1 Crisis is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It is a presentation that exposes 7 of the most popular preventable diseases bankrupting America and American's. This is an informative presentation that inspires people to realize the importance of choosing better health through better living.

5 Discover Wellness Presents:

How To Avoid Letting Stress Make Your Life A Mess is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It provides fresh perspectives and effective strategies to put the principles of stress to work for you to your advantage.

6 Discover Wellness Presents:

Why Pain Hurts and What To Do About It is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It provides some of the best-kept secrets and strategies to learn what chronic pain is, where it comes from and what you can do to heal it for good.

7 Discover Wellness Presents:

The Best Kept Secrets in Today's Health Care is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It reveals some of the common misconceptions about health care due to special interests that may not want you to know. Be prepared to hear cutting edge concepts and ideas that you may not have heard or believed in the past, that's why they are considered the best kept secrets in health care today.

8 Discover Wellness Presents:

Medicines or Drugs - Are They Saving Your Life or Killing You? is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It's focused on saving lives and saving money. The misuse and abuse of medicines and drugs alike are an epidemic that requires a fresh look at America's fear of disease and obsession for prescription drugs.

9 Discover Wellness Presents:

Wellness Essentials: What Experts Think and Do is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich. It shares the essential lifestyle habits and products that wellness doctors across the country use for themselves and their families. Find out what wellness experts recommend you do and use to live your best life.

10 Discover Wellness Presents:

How Staying Healthy Can Make Your Rich is a presentation adapted from the bestselling book of the same title. It inspires people to realize the financial risks and benefits of staying healthy. Learn specific strategies to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime by staying well.

Included in the program are custom-designed marketing materials including:




Sign up sheets

Presentation scripts and

Audio recordings of each presentation by a some of the top coaches at The Masters Circle.

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Would you like to read one of the presentations? OK...

1 Discover Wellness Presents:

The Ultimate Solution to America's Health Care Crisis

Introduction of the Doctor

Today we are proud to introduce to you a program titled Discover Wellness, How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich presented by Dr. Jason Deitch. Dr. Deitch is a wellness doctor in private practice here in Anytown, USA. His practice is located at 123 Main St. next to Wal-Mart across from McDonalds. He specializes in helping people lead healthy lives through healthy living and has generously offered to be with us here today to share his inspiration and knowledge of health, wellness and wellbeing. Anyone looking to reduce their risk of chronic disease, reduce their risk of medical bankruptcy, increase their health, wellbeing and vitality will want to listen up and enjoy this important presentation. Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Jason Deitch.

Hello everyone and thank you for that warm reception. My name is Dr. Jason Deitch and I am very happy to be here with you today. Today, I'd like to discuss with you a subject that in my opinion is the most important subject we can spend time discussing together, and that's your health, wouldn't you agree? In fact, although most of us tend to think of our health as something we are lucky to have or unlucky to lose. Today I'm going to share with you some of the time-tested principles, proven strategies and best-kept secrets that thousands of wellness doctors nationwide use for themselves and their families. How would you like to learn how you can, not only reduce your risk of losing your health, but how you can, in fact, increase your chances of being even healthier?

I'd like to begin by sharing with you just how important this subject is. Many people just don't realize, until it happens to them, how expensive it is to get sick, but let me share with you what is happening to millions of people just like you and me, everyday, across America. Do you know that according to researchers at Harvard University every 30 seconds in the United States, someone files for bankruptcy as a result of the treatment they receive for a serious health problem?"(1)

That's over 50% of all personal bankruptcy filings, affecting over 2 million Americans every year. What's even more surprising is that "three-quarters of the medically bankrupt had health insurance" at the time of their illness. According to the study "even families with 'Cadillac' coverage were often bankrupted by medical problems."(1)

In the words of Elizabeth Warren, a law professor at Harvard University, "Nobody's safe." That's the conclusion she came to as a result of the first ever large-scale study on the subject of "medical bankruptcy".(1)

"How can this be?" you ask yourself. "This is America, how can this happen to hard working middle and upper class families? Unfortunately, It's very simple. People like you and I are living our lives, working hard, doing our very best to take care of our families and find that one day, perhaps after a routine visit to the doctor or after we realize we just aren't feeling as good as we used to, we end up going to the doctor and leave with a diagnosis for a medical condition that requires further medical treatment, risky medical procedures and expensive medications, which are often required to be taken for the rest of our lives.

In many of these cases, within a short period of time, people become too sick to work and end up losing their jobs. Once they lose their job, they lose their insurance, because they can't afford to pay for their COBRA plan, which can be more than double what they are used to paying. The costs go up when people's incomes are going down. In most cases, "the medical bills arrive just as the insurance and paycheck disappear."

According to the research these "Bankrupt families lost more than just assets. One out of five went without food. A third had their utilities shut off, and nearly two thirds skipped needed doctor or dentist visits."(1)

Another warning sign comes from a recent story featured on 60 Minutes; the CBS news show, which asked the question, is the "U.S. Heading for Financial Trouble?" David Walker is the United States comptroller general, which means that he is our country's top accountant and he has come to the scary conclusion that America, is in serious financial trouble. "It's been called the 'dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows' - a set of financial truths so inconvenient that most elected officials don't even want to talk about them." But David Walker is. (2)

"I would argue that the most serious threat to the United States is not someone hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan but our own fiscal irresponsibility," says America's top accountant. (2)

David Walker has given up trying to talk to politicians about this problem and is now traveling across America talking directly to the people on what he calls a "Fiscal Wake Up Tour" because he is convinced that our country's entire economy is at stake. Walker refers to this problem as a "cancer" primarily because of the "massive entitlement programs" for things such as health care, which is about to get much worse because of the demographic anomaly, referred to as the "baby boom." "Beginning next year, and for 20 years thereafter, 78 million Americans will become pensioners and medical dependents of the U.S. taxpayer. (2)

This is the reason I am here today. Because America and American's are going bankrupt because of health care or dare I say lack of caring for our health. If we don't do something about this we are ALL going to suffer the consequences and will be leaving a financial debt to our children that will require every penny of taxes just to pay the interest expense. (2)

The good news is, that there are solutions and each and every one of us can do something to reduce our risk of bankrupting our selves and our country. In fact, when you think about it, its really very simple, the ultimate solution to America's health care crisis very simply, is to have more people, less sick. And the only way we can have more people, less sick is to have more people choose better health through better living. Doesn't that make sense to you?

In my practice at Discover Wellness Center on Main St. across from Wal-Mart, I get to watch these types of miracles happen every day. I get to see people's lives change for the better, every day. Clients come to me with all types of health concerns that often require expensive and dangerous medications that often keep them from enjoying their lives. In fact, it's very common for a client to come to me and tell me that they suffer from a variety of pains including chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain and much more. Usually they have gone to their primary medical doctor who has prescribed a combination of physical therapy, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories and perhaps the pain went away temporarily, but it always comes back sooner or later because they don't address the cause.

In many cases, as a result of the pain, they stop exercising and start gaining weight and this starts a cascade of problems including depression, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and increased risk of a variety of preventable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, stress related conditions and much more. It's very common that when people stop exercising and gain weight that they have poorer eating habits, not better. They will often start smoking or pick up other bad habits and so the cycle continues. In addition, it's common that the cycle effects the entire family, as we can see childhood obesity has become an American epidemic and it's primarily because of our lifestyles and lifestyle choices. That's the key word here lifestyle "choices."

I am here today sharing with you because I care. I care about you, I care about our community and I care about the choices you are making in your life that are increasing your risk of preventable disease and medical bankruptcy. I have taken care of hundreds of clients who have come to me after the fact, when it is too late. The damage has been done and they look at me in desperation. Many have literally told me "I'll do anything and pay anything to get well, please help me."

They have told me with tears in their eyes, that they just wish they had done more for their health, sooner. And I am here today because of them. Because I don't want you to come to me when it's to late, I want to help you now, while there is still so much you can do, to reduce your risks and improve your health.

Ladies and Gentleman, this is a problem that we all face and it's not going to go away by itself. None of us are immune to it and all of us are at risk. I don't say this to scare you or create fear in you, as much as to impress upon you how big of a problem this is. Let me show you what I mean. America spends over $2 trillion per year on what we call health care, which in fact is really sick care. That's more than 15% of every dollar spent in America. More than 70% of all our health care dollars are spent treating lifestyle related chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, stress related conditions, chronic pain and adverse drug reactions. In fact I call these the 7 conditions causing America's #1 crisis.

Each and every man, woman and child is presently spending $ 6,280 per year on medical care, again most of which is going to treat preventable diseases. If you and your children didn't spend $6,280 each on health care last year, that means your neighbors and coworkers spent your share and you still paid for it.

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All 10 presentations provide you the platform to raise the awareness of today's health care crisis and to share with people your passion to want to help be a part of the solution.

Still not sure about the program. Then it's probably not for you.

This program is not for everyone. It's for D.C.s and wellness professionals who want to help more people and want to provide solutions to a true crisis that threatens our entire economy, national security and way of life.

If you want to be a leader of the wellness revolution.

Then join us...

Click Here to Purchase Discover Wellness Presents for only $995

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