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Discover Wellness Center

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5757 Brittany Forrest
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 650-814-1231
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Discover Wellness Retail Center

DW_Kiosk_front_1.JPGNow you can offer your patients your favorite products in your professionally designed retail center.

Patients want to know what you recommend when it comes to wellness products. Teach your patients about the most common wellness essentials in Chapter 15 of Discover Wellness: How staying healthy can make you rich.

Another great way to serve your patients and community is to do Discover Wellness Presentations about the products you and your family personally use and recommend.

Shift your perspective from selling to serving and watch your patient satisfaction and referrals increase.

It's time to get your products out of the closet, off the floor and off your counters. Don't let your office look like a random flea market with different displays from a variety of vendors, present them in a professional retail center.

Consider a Discover Wellness Retail Center in your:

Reception area

Adjusting area

Examination area

For more information email: info@DiscoverWellnessCenter.com



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