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Strategies to grow your practice 

Inform and Inspire your world toward wellness

book6.jpg1. Give copies of Discover Wellness: How staying healthy can make you rich to every new patient, potential patient, community leader, local politicians,  influencers,  wellness professionals,  fitness facilities, businessess (hair salons, coffee shops),  doctors offices, churches, book clubs, employers (executives & HR), neighbors, family members, your kids friends parents, volunteer organizations just to get started...

2. Sell copies of  Discover Wellness: How staying healthy can make you rich in your reception area or wellness store. When a patient asks you if they can have  a copy for a co-worker or family member, let them know it is for sale for $24.95 at your wellness store. Then let them know that it is a gift given to all new patients and that for only little bit more, they can purchase a wellness evaluation gift certificate for them that includes the book. Obviously you need to create a special offer wellness gift certificate. Consider $95 for an initial wellness evaluation. If given the choice between $25 for a book or $95 for a first visit and book, it would be reasonable to expect that some will choose the gift certificate.

discover_wellness_presents.jpg3. Do Discover Wellness Presentations, in your practice, at local employers, churches, community centers, volunteer groups, events and more. If you don't teach your community that you are the wellness leader and your office is the wellness resource in your community, who do you think will do it for you? Once you start the fire, your patients will help you spread it. But just because people have know that you provide chiropractic services for years, does not mean that they know that you are repositioning yourself and your practice as a lifestyle wellness center. Tell them before someone else, tells them differently. Don't believe it? There's a good chance that another local doctor has already started.

 4. Create a Discover Wellness Book Club each month. Pick a day and time each month where you invite everyone in your practice and in your community to join you in discussing a different chapter in Discover Wellness. Create a nice setting, offer refreshments, put signs up, tell everyone in your practice about it, let them know they can invite guests. You (or even better) a CA or favorite patient starts off the conversation by introducing themselves. Let them know that this is a discussion about what everyone has learned by reading the chapter of the month and simply watch, listen and learn. The moderator should simply ensure that it is a safe environment to share their opinions and feelings. This is not the place for you to teach, it is the place for everyone to share. As you listen to what people know (or think they know) you can then address it with them at future daily visits. Give other patients the opportunity to show how much they have learned by being a patient of yours.

Offer wellness services

contact_girl_1.jpg5. It may seem obvious to you, but I can assure you that most people do not make the connection that the service  you provide is for wellness. That's because wellness is a proactive approach to getting and staying well that integrates many different services and habits. The more you can help lead people toward the most appropriate wellness products, services and lifestyle choices they can be making the more people will associate you with being a wellness doctor. The key of course is to make sure that you find the right balance of what you want to offer, what you are trained to offer and what makes sense for you to offer. This is different for each doctor, but you must figure it out if you want to thrive in the future. There are many ways to transform your practice into a wellness center and to reposition you as a wellness doctor, so take the time to figure out your vision and your resources, then chart a pathway to your success.

Wellness programs we recommend and endorse include: The Discover Wellness Membership, HealthCoach, Creating Wellness, The Wellness Practice, Eight Weeks to Wellness and more.

This is a rapidly growing field with new innovations emerging daily. You must do your research to determine the solution that will best support you reaching your goals. If you need assistance work with your Masters Circle coach or contact me and I can help you by pointing you toward the programs that best fits your vision.

 Learn how to work with employers

6. Most doctors love the idea, but don't realize the right way to do it and end up making mistakes that unfortunately give other professionals a bad name. It's unfortunate but the few have created a poor perception of the many. Do not make the mistake that you can convince someone to let you speak to their employees when your primary objective is simply to "get" new patients. Employers take a risk by letting local doctors onsite to work with their employees and the only reason they let doctors come onsite is to provide greater benefits to their employees.

Discover Wellness Presents provides a comprehensive doctor and staff training manual including letters to employers, scripting, do's and dont's and turnkey wellness presentations to make it easy to serve local employers. But beware, make sure that you can in fact deliver the goods and that you create a team of local wellness professionals who can deliver on the promise of wellness. Every wellness specialty has been guilty of claiming that their service is what wellness is all about. It's time to focus on serving our community based on their needs, not ours.

The fact is that wellness is a lifestyle and employers are seeking doctors who can promote and inspire people to make healthier choices. Employers want to work with doctors who can provide direction and support to help people based on their individual needs, not based on the doctors desire to simply get more new patients. Make sure that you are prepared to work with employers and can deliver the goods. It is the single greatest opportunity to serve your community, but it requires proper training.

If you're not sure where to begin and would like some help preparing to thrive in the new health care economy email me and we'll get you set up for a complementary consultation with one of our coaches.

Do you have a strategy you'd like for us to include on this list?

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